4G+ Business in a Box Overview

Our cloud-driven 4G+ business-in-a-box gives you the latest technology in the industry and is ready to go when you are. We have the necessary expertise and experience along with leading edge hardware and software that create a complete cloud-driven 4G+ business solution.

So what’s in the box? Everything you need in a turnkey solution.

  • 4G+ network hardware for both tower and subscriber side
  • Radio frequency & deployment planning
  • Tower site installation
  • Cloud-based business & network Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and NOC services
  • Cloud platform services on a subscription basis
  • synKro™ branded web presence – operator and subscriber facing
  • Personalized subscriber offering — changeable in real time
  • Attractive lease financing arrangement
  • Future-proof technology road map

What’s your plan for bringing high performing 4G+ broadband Internet services to your territory? How will you gear up your technical staff? How will you be confident that you can deliver 4G+ services with high reliability? How can you insure that your technology investments will pay for themselves and will not become obsolete? Are you getting top-notch support from your network and business application suppliers? How will you migrate your systems internally and externally while managing risks? We have some answers.

LocaLoop provides robust technical competencies in the latest 4G+ technologies, minimizing your upfront and operating costs. LocaLoop’s “4G+ Business In A Box” solution offer rural providers multiple benefits:

  • Economically viable coverage in less densely populated areas so that you can cost-effectively expand your business.
  • Fast access to new territories and to new subscribers, helping you build new revenue streams.
  • Exclusive territories, so you’re guaranteed to be the only Localoop service provider in your area.
  • Increased growth and additional revenue opportunitys from your current subscriber base.
  • Enables operators to offer attractive synKro broadband Internet services that subscribers want.
  • Supports the growth of media-rich broadband Internet service offerings.