LocaLoop develops and deploys 4G+ broadband Internet products and services that enable fixed service to rural markets where it has not previously been economically viable. LocaLoop has designed a solution that integrates its cloud-based business and network management SaaS and IaaS platform, 4G+ hardware infrastructure, and subscriber-facing sales and support capabilities.

Whether you are an existing rural communications services provider (Telco, ISP, WISP, FTTP, MSO), or an entrepreneur looking for a new business opportunity with a high-growth revenue and profit stream from a new rural broadband communications network, LocaLoop is your partner for 4G+ broadband Internet services.

LocaLoop’s solution offers:

  • Economically viable 4G+ coverage in less densely populated areas so that you can cost-effectively expand/create your business
  • Innovative, cloud-based, easy to use web platform for service creation, provisioning, delivery, and billing for an end-to-end business solution
  • Fast access to new territories and to new subscribers, helping you build new revenue streams
  • Supports a high quality, optimized subscriber experience
  • Superior fixed network performance: optimizes availability and use of Internet resources in real time
  • Our subscriber-facing SynKro™ brand gets you to market quickly and positions you as your service area’s go-to 4G+ provider